Video and Lighting


We have 5 video projectors: one 2600 lumen and monster 4000 and 4500 lumen units, all with HDMI. We also have two 55″ and two 40″ LED flat screen TV’s and mounts with stands. Our video wall can be used indoors our outdoors, day or night.

Flat screen tv's and stands
We can supply flat screen TV’s and stands


We have Blizzard HotBox5 RGBAW and V12 RGBAW five color LED fixtures for up-lighting and stage lighting. Our Colorstorm fixtures provide flash on the dance floor, as well as the Lil’ G LED moving head and ADJ Comscan LED scanner. The Flurry5 will provide a moving flash of color in time with the music. The Snowball provides an awesome mirror ball effect without the hassle and the Electro 196 is mesmerizing.

Projected image from Blizzard Mesmerizor
Blizzard Mezmerizor

Check out our MEZMERIZOR4FX laser unit for some dance party fun. If you are having a glow party our Hotbox EXA and Hotstik EXA units all provide ultraviolet light. If you want a super bright LED moving light look at our Blizzard G-Max with a 150-watt light engine! Strobes include the Blizzard SnowBlind LED unit as well as American DJ xenon tube units. Everything can be controlled by the DMX protocol so entire shows can be programmed if you like. The Swefog Ultimate 2000 hazer will make the light beams really show up, so be sure to ask about them, too.

Orange and blue uplighting on trees
Uplighting on trees

Incandescent lighting includes PAR38’s mounted on floor stands for wall up-lighting, PAR 56 (300 and 500 watt) on tripod stands for stage wash or ETC Source Fours for a tight focus on an area or performer. We still use our double hung truss with 1000 watt PAR64’s, so if you want a lot of light over a large stage we can provide. Dimmers from 600 to 2400 watts/channel are available and 8 to 24 channel controllers to vary your show. We have two ETC Element theater consoles if you need a lot of cues. We also have followspots and a pinspot DJ lighting system.

Truss with moving lights
Front truss with moving lights at UF Bandshell

In addition to the video and lighting, we can supply support systems. This can be ground support with fixed truss towers (Thomas, Global), crank up lifts (Genie ST24, Applied AP16, Duratruss Goliath) as well as tripod stands (Knight and On Stage Stands). We can also supply chain motors (CM Lodestar 1-ton and Prostar 1/4-ton) to hang trussing (as well as speaker systems) from a rated load bearing structure.