Terms & Conditions

Rental charges begin the day equipment is picked up and end the day it is returned. Some accommodations will be made for travel or reasons requiring an early pick up. The first day rental is full price, 2nd day is half price, and 3rd + days are ΒΌ price per day. Rentals are due by 12 noon on the day of return, as we guarantee your rental to be ready by 12 noon on the day of pick up. Again, accommodations can be made, but must be made at the time of pick up. We are open for rentals every day of the week including Sunday.

In addition to the rental charges, a minimum damage deposit of $100 must be paid at the time of pick up, and will be refunded in full at the time of return if there are no damages, missing equipment or late charges. The damage deposit will increase with the number and size of speakers rented so be sure to get a quote when you reserve.

We take cash and checks, but reserve the right to refuse checks from unfriendly banks, so be sure to check on that too. We do not take any form of credit or debit cards

Full identification will be required including drivers license information, so if you don’t have a valid form of identification you will need to have someone else rent for you. In that case any checks will have to be theirs.

Any organization requesting sales tax exemption or resale status MUST provide a copy of their sales tax certificate and pay for their rental with the exempt organization’s check. Any payments in cash will be subject to sales tax.