Concert Production Services

We are the leader in concert production services. You can hire us to set up and operate any of the equipment we own. Your production will grow and shine under our guidance, and that really makes us happy! Our sound engineers can handle any genre of music, and are skilled in acoustically integrating the system into a room or any indoor or outdoor venue. We have handled audiences of 10,000 and can pump out 60,000 watts of soundΒ  when needed. There are compact systems to provide the right punch in small rooms yet not look obtrusive to the audience, or massive speakers if you really want to knock β€˜em down. We pioneered the use of delay speakers to provide even front to back coverage. (The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra regularly uses us for their outdoor Pops concerts), and we have been the provider for Fanfares & Fireworks since 1991.

In house is concert lighting with up to 96,000 watts of PAR lights and we have partnered with another company to provide intelligent lighting (moving lights). We have a black backdrop and through a partnership with another company can provide a larger video wall for your graphics. Our inventory of LED lighting is growing for those venues that just don’t have much power available but want some flash. We even have hazers to enhance the light beams in the air.

Concert production services alsoΒ  includes staging and power distribution, so if you need that and a generator call us!!