Generators, staging, pipe and drape


If you do not have a wall outlet and need a generator rental we have 3 sizes. The smallest is a 2000 watt quiet inverter unit that will power a small speech or music system. Next up is a 3500 watt even quieter inverter generator that will power a DJ system with subwoofers and some lights. Finally we have a Magnum 35 35,000 watt tow behind unit that will power a very large system. Along with the generator rental we have power distribution systems to provide multiple outlets at long distances from the generator.

Magnum 35 35000 watt generator
Magnum 35000 watt generator


If you need stage rental we can provide Wenger StageTek decks with either 16″ or 24″ legs. Skirting is always supplied as well as step units. We have 10 of the StageTek 4’x8′ staging units and 3 of the StageTek 4’x4′ units. In addition there are 2 older Wenger Versalite 4’x8′ decks that will match up to the newer StageTek. The maximum possible stage is 24’x16′, and the 4×4 units could provide a thrust on the front or a drum riser extension on the back. Call us for your stage rental needs!

A 16′ x 8′ x16″ high stage at the Cade Museum.

Pipe and Drape

Along with staging we also have pipe and drape in 8′ fixed and up to 16′ heights. The 8′ drapes are available in black or white poly premier. The 16′ drapes are black only and are medium weight velour to block light. All pipe and drape includes bases.