Peter Theoktisto was a College of Journalism student majoring in Broadcast Production with a minor in Theatre when he realized that his job with UF Technical Services (then with the Reitz Union, now the O’Connell Center) was more interesting. After 5 years of working concerts and mixing bands for Tech Services he left UF and worked at the Hippodrome Theatre as sound designer and technical director until beginning Everyman Sound Company in 1984. One of his favorite events was working a Bob Marly and the Wailers show in Libreville, Gabon in 1980.

Aaron Fledell is also a graduate of UF’s College of Journalism and Communications who also found sound more interesting. He had previously studied and taught recording engineering at Miami Dade Community College. He began working for Everyman Sound Company in 1996 and is now the de facto monitor engineer for both the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. He is experienced with both analog and digital consoles. The Yamaha PM5D and Digico SD9 are his favorites.

In addition to Peter and Aaron there are several part time employees; some work weekends handling rentals and others work shows.